Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Ducks are Happy Campers

They are completely oblivious to the other pool next to this one! But OMG water!!!

And really short bit of them playing :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

RIP Honey the Hen

So we bough a dozen chicks and 6 ducklings a while back and ended up haveing to put them on the porch on giant bins with heat lamps. Honey started hanging around quite a lot. She cluck at them like a momma hen would to her chicks. Really cute. Then she started sleeping next to the bins at night instead of going to roost. So I started leaving a water and feed bowl for her because she wasn't leaving her spot. After a couple weeks of her vigil, she died in the night. The boys buried her out next to where they buried the two Grannies (Dominique Hens) from when we first moved out here.  Which leaves us with one original rescue hen Muffles.

It looks like of the 12 chicks we bought only 6-8 are actually hens....

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Bread!

Gluten Free Bread with Nutella! Yum...
This of course was last week.

Tomorrow I am making a loaf of GF bread again, and a loaf of Cinnamon Bread. Today's GF loaf is 1/2 gone. Friday I am going to try and make GF Cinnamon Rolls! I am cheating though with a mix for a 1st try. hehe ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Homemade Bread!!

German Bread
100% Spelt

A kit from Seitenbacher's in Germany. I love their cereal. SO glad one of our HEB's has a huge section of their products!

Here it is all sliced up. The slices got a little thick towards the end, but the kids can easily get to it with out chopping off their fingers.... yes that includes the 18 and 20 yos ;)

This is actually the 2nd loaf. The first one was eaten to quickly for pictures.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Crochet Crazy

I have started the year crochet crazy!
Every project so far is crochet. I am on my 4th one!
This one is the most complicated yet. A circular pineapple lace afghan.
This is row 15 of 37 of the pattern Exploded Pineapple Afghan by Doris Chan

I used to hate pineapples because they NEVER came out right. But I figured if my Gma could choose a pineapple pattern to LEARN crochet on surely I can do this pattern. Especially since I learned from my Mom and my Gma's Mom as a little girl! :)

Before this I finished a Cluster Ripple baby afghan that I made up.

A Sunflower Afghan Kit that I purchased in 2008!

And finally a Ripple Star Baby Afghan with the remaining yarn from the above kit!

When I am finished with the pink pineapples I am going to make me a pair of purple socks. Then start on Logan, Deven and Derek's Christmas Coupons.

Every year they get a handmade gift. This year is the 1st time it didn't happen. So I made coupons.

Deven is the only one that stuck to the guidelines. He asked for Fingerless Gloves. (he's wanted them for a while. Too bad we had a mild winter...) He chose my zombie yarn from the "Wall o' Yarn".

Logan chose a new crochet afghan. (His fell apart in the laundry and has had it since he was 3-4yo) This one will look like a quilt pattern. About queen size. Walnut Brown/Forest Green/Beige

Derek... Derek has cashed in the Dr Who scarf. He is thrilled! Now he needs to decide on colors and yarn. I think I will crochet it. Would love to weave it if I could, but there is NO room to warp it :( Huge sad.

It's been a long time!

The last time I posted I was on track with losing weight. Since then I have managed to lose 10 more pounds and keep it off. I am staying on track better with the Gluten Free diet. Getting rid of all dairy is a bit harder I am finding. Next appt I am going to ask if the dairy free is truly hard core or just the stuff that upsets my stomach and makes me obviously sick.

GF mixes are costly. frozen versions are as well. So I am learning to cook from scratch again. Some things haven't changed. But I think at times I am cooking 3 different meals at night. So EVERYONE is fixing to go gluten free. At least when they eat at home. Unless their allergy test/gluten/celiac tests come out otherwise. My results aren't in yet. But still have to eat GF. Who wants to flex 10lbs up /down every day with water weight?!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

More puppy

Mimi is attached at the hip to another ;)

So the hubby found me a little friend. She is 9 weeks tomorrow :)
A toy poodle named Candy

Isn't she cute! She and Pepper get along really great so far.